Patriot Rail & Ports is a leading operator of short line and regional freight railroads, rail services, and integrated port logistics companies throughout the United States.

Patriot Rail

Patriot Rail operates 13 regional and freight short line railroads, a scenic rail excursion train, and five rail-related services companies with over 600 total rail miles across the United States.

Service capabilities include railcar storage, railcar repair and maintenance, railway clean-up and transfer, tank car cleaning and environmental services, contract switching, transloading, engineering services, excursion railroads, real estate, and track access.

Patriot Ports

Patriot Ports, through its principal subsidiaries (Portus and Seaonus), runs an integrated port logistics business handling ambient and refrigerated cargo located in the Southeastern region of the United States.  The Seaonus (Non-Union) companies operate four breakbulk, bulk, and RoRo/LoLo terminals in addition to one off-port cold storage facility.

Patriot Ports’ Union Company, Portus, operates four breakbulk, bulk, container, and RoRo/LoLo terminals in the Southeast.  Portus also provides contracted stevedoring services to an ocean carrier in Jacksonville, Florida as well as the US Army, US Marine Corps, and the US Navy in Jacksonville, Cape Canaveral, and Sunny Point, North Carolina.

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