24/7 Customer Service

Phone:  1-855-955-RAIL (7245)
Fax: 1-904-423-5388
Email:  Please refer to the contact page to find the appropriate email address for your railroad.


The tool allows you to:
  • View railcars/shipments en route to your facility
  • See cars placed at your facility
  • View cars on constructive placement
  • Order cars in
  • Provide switching and other handling instructions
  • Release cars
  • Create and send electronic bills of lading.

Visit to login and utilize ShipperConnect.

ShipperConnect™ , is a FREE online tool that automates customer communications and sends instructions to the serving railroad, eliminating phone, fax, email and errors.

The instructions that you submit through ShipperConnect™ automatically populates work orders for the railroad crews. This reduces the chance of communication error between you and the railroads. ShipperConnect™ also provides an automated log of all instructions sent to the railroad. This log can then be used to resolve differences with service requests and/or demurrage billing.

ShipperConnect™ Access and Training

If you have yet to be setup with a ShipperConnect™ user id and password OR you have not accessed the tool in over 90 days, please contact or 904-438-2449 to get your ID activated.

If you have not received training on the tool or feel you need refresher training, please contact Anna Kunnen or 1-855-955-7245 to schedule a session for you and/or your team.

Please note, that if you choose not to utilize ShipperConnect™, there may be tariff charges applied to your account for manual billing and manual releases.

JADE Master Terminal

Jade Master Terminal is a state-of-the-art Terminal Operating System providing real-time tracking of your cargo.

  • Automated reporting available through customer portal
  • System accommodates all commodities including breakbulk, RoRo, bulk, and containers
  • Warehouse management
  • Web-based appointment scheduling
  • EDI possibility
  • Visibility of tidal movement and harbor management

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Visit our Contact Us page to find the correct contact phone number and email address.

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