Patriot Ports operates one of the largest single dockside facilities in the US. The 553,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility at Seaonus Stevedoring-Jacksonville was constructed with 1,500 lb per sq.ft. floor capacity along with 26 high speed fans to control humidity inside of the building. The warehouse is served by Class 1 Rail CSX and NS and has the capacity to work 14 cars at one time. It is also equipped with 20 truck doors all with automatic dock levelers.  The dockside doors are 25-foot high and 28-foot wide allowing for oversized out-of-gauge cargo to be stored inside.

Portus-Jacksonville operates over 90,000 square feet of warehouse and shop facilities. All are at dock loading height. All three warehouses have direct covered rail access that is serviced by the CSX railroad. We have a staff of trained security guards who provide round-the-clock service that is complemented by a state-of-the-art video surveillance system. All cargo is bar-coded and tracked through a real-time internet-based cargo tracking system. Customers have direct access to their cargo data and can track and generate reports at their convenience.

Seanous Stevedoring-Savannah operates on a private terminal in Savannah with 150,000 feet of on-dock warehousing. Rail service is provided by CSX and primary commodities include steel, bulk, and forest products.

Seaonus Stevedoring-New Orleans location operates one of the newest waterside warehouses in the area. In 2010, it was completely renovated with new exterior walls, roof, and doors to include modern side wall sky lighting.  This 125,000 sq. ft. warehouse includes (24) automated secure rolling doors that are 20-foot wide and 24-foot high with a 40-foot interior ceiling height. There are multiple doors conveniently located waterside to accommodate easy access from the vessel cargo operations. Additionally, there are (16) doors on the rail and truck loading bays with a 25-foot overhang. The primary door openings allow truck access directly into the warehouse when loading weather-sensitive cargo in inclement weather and daily rail service from Norfolk Southern is provided at the terminal.


Seaonus Stevedoring-New Orleans (SSNO) was awarded its FTZ license in July 2018 making it the only on-dock FTZ site in New Orleans.  There are 11.7 outdoor acres and 3.5 indoor acres zoned for FTZ.  In addition to FTZ storage, SSNO also provides stevedoring and terminal services for FTZ cargo such as non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, breakbulk, bulk, and project cargo.

Other Services

Real Time Inventory Control
Export Packaging
Stevedoring and Terminal Services
Blocking and Bracing
On-site certified truck scale (SSNO & Portus-Jax)
Recouping Services
Cross Dock Services


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