We at Patriot Ports are especially proud of our continued support and work with the US military. The management staff at Portus has over 100 years of combined military experience, and we leverage that experience to provide only the finest service to the US military. Portus has been a leader in partnering with and developing various techniques and specialized equipment to maximize efficiencies when handling military cargo and equipment. Our Jacksonville, FL location is the only stevedoring company in the area certified to handle both military munitions as well as commercial class “A” hazardous cargo.


  • Terminal Services to the Caribbean and GTMO operations from 1995 to present.
  • Provide the US Marine Corps stevedoring and terminal services for the Marine Corps Maritime Prepositioning Program at Blount Island Command from 2004 to present.
  • Provide the US Navy Expeditionary Medical Support Command stevedoring and terminal services from 2004 to present.
  • provided the US Navy Jacksonville Fisc Center with warehousing, stevedoring and terminal services in support of Operation Haiti Relief in 2010.
  • Provide the US Army stevedoring and terminal services at Blount Island currently through 2020.
  • Provide the US Army stevedoring and terminal services in Cape Canaveral, Florida currently through 2020.


The Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program is the government-to-government method for selling U.S. defense equipment, services, and training. Responsible arms sales further national security and foreign policy objectives by strengthening bilateral defense relations, supporting coalition building, and enhancing interoperability between U.S. forces and militaries of friends and allies. These sales also contribute to American prosperity by improving the U.S. balance of trade position, sustaining highly skilled jobs in the defense industrial base, and extending production lines and lowering unit costs for key weapon systems.

We have received approximately 3000 pieces of FMS cargo via rail and truck. We are responsible for the care in store of the cargo while it awaits shipment overseas to the appropriate foreign Government. The care and storage of the cargo includes monthly maintenance of the cargo to make sure it’s operational and ready for shipment.

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