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The DeQueen & Eastern Railroad (DQE) are two connecting railroads that operate as one over a total of 91 track miles in southeast Oklahoma and southwest Arkansas. The DQE interchanges with BNSF via the Kiamichi Railroad at Valliant, Oklahoma; the Kansas City Southern in DeQueen, Arkansas; and the UP at Perkins, Arkansas.

The DQE owns a car repair facility, a fully equipped wheel shop and a locomotive repair shop in DeQueen, Arkansas. Both facilities are equipped with overhead cranes and the locomotive shop is also equipped with a pit and traction motor turntable. There is a maintenance of way building located in DeQueen that has an equipment repair shop with overhead crane, pit, wash and service area. In Valliant, Oklahoma, there is a maintenance of way equipment repair facility with a wash area and storage, and an open car repair shed with two tracks under roof with capacity for 4 cars and a ready track that will hold 6 cars.


DeQueen, Arkansas
DeQueen & Eastern RR’s Map


BNSF @ Valliant, Oklahoma; UP at Perkins, Arkansas; and KCS at DeQueen, Arkansas

Primary Commodities Handled:

Pulpboard, plywood chips, corn, stone, paper, soybeans and chemicals


PRC Freight Tariff 1000-1 – Terms and Conditions of Service (eff. 03-01-20)
DQE Charge Catalog 2000-1 Series – Pricing for Optional, Accessorial, and Supplemental Services (eff. 03-01-20)

PRC-9005 Rule 11 FSC (eff. 01-01-19) 
October 2020 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 1.75%
November 2020 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 1.50%

PRC 9004 FSC (eff. 03-01-15)
October 2020 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 0.08¢ per mile
November 2020 Fuel Surcharge (FSC) – 0.07¢ per mile



DeQueen and Eastern Railroad
412 E. Lockesburg Street
DeQueen, AR 71832
Phone: (870) 642-1422
Fax: (870) 642-1368

Customer Service Contact:

Phone: 1 (855) 955-RAIL (7245)
Fax: (904) 423-5388
Email: DQE-CS@patriotrail.com

Business Development Contact:

Patti Foy
SVP Business Development & Sales
Office: (904) 438-2451
Cell: (904) 772-4862
Email: patti.foy@patriotrail.com

To report a non-service related emergency, please call 1-855-258-4514.

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