Global Rail Transfer Company (“GRTC”) is the nation’s foremost specialist for railway clean-up and transfer capabilities.  Our specialized equipment and highly trained personnel provide safe, quick, and cost effective solutions to your company’s needs.

Our core business is concentrated on rail:

  • Clean-up
  • Product
  • Load Adjustments
  • Track Cleaning
  • Load Transfers

Track Clean-Up

GRTC offers an “Environmentally Friendly” track cleaning service which is substantially superior to equipment presently on the market. Mounted on a hi-rail truck, the track cleaner has an efficiency rate of 1-1/2 cubic yards of debris per minute. It also has the capability of cleaning switches. Attached to its rear is a continuous conveyor system for off-loading waste into a trailing dump car. The conveyor can also unload waste to the side.

Because of the equipment’s high degree of mobility, both on- and off-track, it can be moved quickly from one work location to another. The service offered by GRTC employs a special vacuum-aided track cleaner designed specifically to eliminate dust and remove 100% of material from the top of the ties which assists in the visual inspection of track for proper preventative maintenance.

The vacuum equipment, when used in conjunction with the track cleaner’s broom, minimizes dust. With the broom detached, the vacuum alone proves useful in removing spilled granular materials in difficult to reach locations, like switches.

Clean-Up & Remediation

In conjunction with post derailment clean up, GRTC provides site reclamation and remediation. Following derailments, most sites have damages to landscaping, roads, ditches, waterways, wooded areas and general terrain. GRTC will stay on site and provide the necessary clean up and remedial services to put the site back to either its original state or a condition mutually agreed upon by the landowner and the railroad. In most cases, the site is left in better condition than it  was prior to a derailment situation. We can provide this service very economically since we can start this process immediately following a clean up situation, using many of the same personnel and equipment used during the clean-up process.

Load Transfer & Adjustments

Professional prompt handling of all commodities including:
  • Auto Parts
  • Lumber
  • Grain Fertilizer
  • Plastics
  • Coal
  • Food Products

The versatility of our equipment allows us to do the transload either on rail or off. We can use our equipment to tow railcars, which allows us to operate independently.  We have the equipment and experience necessary to handle any type of load transfers, whether single commodity or multiple cars.


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Contact Global Rail Transfer Company (GRTC)

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Office Phone: 618-532-3204
24-hour Phone: 855-258-4514
Fax: 618-532-3844
Email: GRTC@patriotrail.com

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